Basement Refurbishment

The basement needed new foundations to keep the property sound, as the old brickwork was crumbling away. The old bricks were taken out and new footings were dug in to enable the floor was level and had room for the new brickwork.

10th April 2015
Project Manager:
Mark Lintott

Our Clients Say

“Mark and his team provided a very professional service and were extremely helpful. Carried out the work as programmed. Would thoroughly recommend their services on similar projects.”
Robin Warner

Services Used

Steel Acrow Props
In order to carry out the work, temporary steel acrow props had to be put in place so work on the walls could be completed. The steel props provide support to the above floors, allowing the wall to be knocked down and be rebuilt safely.
The brickwork was redone so it can bring back sound support for the building.
Digging Footings
The basement floor needed levelling out and new footings had to be dug up, so the new brickwork could fit in.